Theatres in London

Theatres in London

No visit to London is complete without seeing a show, so check out some of the capital’s world-class theatre venues.
Find your new favourite West End musical, dramatic play or incredible opera. Enjoy a Shakespeare play at the National Theatre, or treat yourself to a ballet at the Royal Opera House. And experience a long-running hit or a new London theatre show.
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Royal Opera House ;

The Royal Opera House is an important performing arts venue in Covent Garden. It is home to The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet and the orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Enjoy a wide range of world-class shows, or take a backstage tour of this historic London theatre..

Shakespeare’s Globe ;

Travel back in time at Shakespeare’s Globe, a reconstruction of the Elizabethan playhouse where Shakespeare’s plays were performed. The Globe stages shows between April and October, when you can get cheap theatre tickets from just £5. The Bankside site also includes the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse; a candlelit space based on the indoor playhouses of Jacobean London..

Young Vic ;

An extremely influential London theatre, the Young Vic has an international reputation for staging innovative, challenging work. Here, you can find global stars working alongside emerging artists to create vibrant pieces that often attract a younger audience.

Sadler’s Wells ;

Sadler’s Wells theatre in Islington is one of the world’s leading dance venues, bringing renowned international and British dance shows to London. Enjoy all forms of dance, including contemporary, circus, ballet, Bollywood, tap, tango, flamenco and much more.

National Theatre ;

The National Theatre on London’s South Bank houses three auditoriums: the Olivier Theatre, Lyttleton Theatre and Dorfman Theatre. Experience a varied programme of shows, including Shakespeare and international classic drama, new plays and musicals. It is the home of many of London’s must-see shows, and also offers behind-the-scenes tours to visitors…

Barbican Theatre ;

London Coliseum ;

The home of the English National Opera, the London Coliseum is a beautiful theatre in the West End. It is one of the largest theatres in London and, in addition to the ENO, regularly hosts musicals and visiting companies, including the English National Ballet.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre ;

Soak up the magical atmosphere of Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. Every summer, the award-winning open-air theatre offers a season of Shakespeare, comedy, drama and family theatre performed between the lush trees of Regent’s Park. It has a reputation for staging some of the best musicals in London

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