Oxford Street

Oxford Street offers an unrivalled shopping experience thanks to its exciting mix of high-street fashion and international brands, accessories, childrenswear, technology and homewear
With over one and a half miles of high street brands such as Topshop, Gap, River Island and endless iconic department stores including Selfridges,John Lewis, House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer, Oxford Street really is the ultimate shopping paradise!

ou’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out, whether it’s al fresco dining at St Christopher’s Place, cocktails in Apres or afternoon tea at one of the many luxury hotels – there is something for everyone
Oxford Street is anchored by a number of big name department stores including the famous Selfridges and is the home of the flagship stores of many successful retail chains.

It lies at the heart of a much larger shopping district with Regent Street andBond Street and smaller streets towards the centre specialising in top end fashion, Totenham Court Road toward the north-east in consumer electronics, Charing Cross Road and Denmark Street to the south-east in books and musical instruments and Edgware Road to the north west in electronic components.

Oxford Street – History:

Oxford Street used to be the main road to Oxford. Once called Tyburn Road it was the route by which prisoners were conveyed by cart from Newgate Prison to the gallows at Tyburn near Marble Arch. The term “on the wagon” (meaning not to drink) is said by some to be derived from this journey – when the carters conveying the condemned to the gallows would stop at an inn for a drink,the landlord would ask if he should pour a drink for the condemned man to which the reply was often “not him – he’s on the wagon”.

Opening Times ;
Monday – Friday 09:00 -20:00
Saturday : 09:00 – 20:00
Sunday : 12.00 – 18:00
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