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For over 250 years Madame Tussauds London has enthralled and entertained guests with incredible life-like wax figures of some of the world’s most famous faces. 

Featuring 11 different zones, visitors can get close to some of the most famous faces in the world with a visit to Madame Tussauds London. Strike a pose on the red carpet with Hollywood starlets such as Benedict Cumberbatch, George Clooney, Kate Winslet and more. Snap a selfie with music legends such as Adele and Beyoncé. Relive some of your favourite movie moments with the greatest icons of film history like Audrey Hepburn, Steven Spielberg and the Terminator.



 Step into the interactive sports zone where you’ll see iconic names such as Muhammad Ali, Usain Bolt, David Beckham and Jessica Ennis-Hill CBE. Have an audience with The Queen and meet the other leading members of The Royal Family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Encounter some of the greatest cultural and historical figures from Picasso to Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare as well as World Leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther Kind. You can even enter the Marvel and Star Wars universes and meet your favourite characters!  

End your journey by relaxing in one of London’s traditional black cabs as you experience the historical and cultural events that have shaped London. From the plague and the Great Fire of London to the recreation of Nelson’s Column, Winston Churchill’s rallying wartime speeches and the swinging 60s, London’s rich history will come to life in front of your eyes!

Since opening its doors over 200 years ago, Madame Tussauds has welcomed millions of visitors thanks to their expert and life-like wax figures. After moving to London following the French Revolution, Madame Tussaud established a base in Baker Street, showcasing historical figures cast in wax as well as gruesome relics of the bloody French Revolution. After her death, Madame Tussauds’ attraction continued to grow as more wax figures were added as well as expanding with locations around the world. Now based in 24 cities around the world, Madame Tussauds London remains the original flagship.

Please note: Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or older


Hundreds of life-like wax figures of famous faces for you to discover

11 themed areas from film stars and sporting icons to the Royal Family and more

Interactive look at London’s culture and history

Did You Know

Madame Tussaud learnt her trade from Dr. Philippe Curtius who made wax anatomy models

It takes approximately six months, more than 250 measurements and photographs as well as over 2000 lbs of wax to make each lifelike Madame Tussauds’ figure

All figures are made 2% larger than the real person because the wax is expected to shrink throughout the moulding process  

Madame Tussauds has made more figures of Queen Elizabeth II than anyone else, with the first figure created when she was just two years old

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